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Here you will find the letters of recommendation received by our company. We value each of our partners and thank them for the productive cooperation and the trust they have shown in us.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the pleasant and above all effective cooperation. In a short time, you were able to ensure communication on technically specific issues. Your work as an interpreter has significantly influenced the project process.
P-D Glasseiden GmbH 

Uwe Potetz
Project management
Mathias Kulka
Project implementation
Our important link between the customer and the employees of all companies was the interpreter Anastasiia Makotrina. She convinced us with her detailed, but also necessary in some situations diplomatic interpreting, in order to achieve a constructive result for all parties.
Leipzig GmbH

Lutz Lange
Her quick comprehension and the high technical-technological understanding were particularly impressive, it allowed a very good representation of sometimes very complex issues and clearly contributed to the successful reconstruction and restart of the glass melting tank.
P-D Glasseiden GmbH 

Dr. Karsten Kittler
Product and project
During my work Ms. Makotrina actively supported me as an interpreter. She quickly learned to understand the technical correlations and operating principles and was therefore able to independently answer the questions of engineers. We thank her and look forward to further successful cooperation in the future!
UAS Messtechnik GmbH
Andreas Hastreiter
Site manager,
project engineer
Ms. Makotrina interpreted consecutively, which required and demanded a high degree of flexibility, concentration and commitment due to the prevailing conditions. She always kept her concentration and found the right moment to interpret the conversation partners.

P-D Glasseiden GmbH

Torsten Richter
Project management
Thanks to the presence of Ms. Makotrina, the communication with Russian specialists took place without any problems. During the labor-intensive assembly processes and commissioning periods Ms. Makotrina is always ready to ensure her personal attendance on site even far beyond the call of duty.
Systems GmbH

Joerg Ehlers
Site management
During the commissioning of the glass melting tank, Ms. Anastasiia Makotrina kept a cool head even in precarious situations and did her work with the utmost care. Due to her very quick technical understanding, she was a great help in communicating with the Russian colleagues.
P-D Glasseiden GmbH 

Thomas Gabriel
Employee in
technical service
In the process of working with Anastasiia Makotrina, we became convinced of the high level of her professionalism, responsible approach to work and excellent knowledge of the technical field. We thank her for the effective cooperation and look forward to its continuation in the future.
Powertrain Vostok Ltd

M.S. Spiridonov
Process engineer
Ms. Makotrina organized the work on translation projects, took over the post-processing of texts, appeared as lexicographer and translated different texts. Thanks to her work, many translations from English and German on various topics have been published on our website.
Youth media holding
Est Talk!
T.A. Sokolova
During the organization of the show OVO - Cirque du Soleil, Ms. Makotrina proved to be a competent, stress-resistant, attentive and conscientious specialist. But we would also like to mention her ability to resolve emerging problems without conflict, as well as her communication skills and contact ability.
OOO Steplight 

Y.R. Stepanyan
General director
Ms. Anastasiia Makotrina worked as an interpreter in the qualifying round for the national team of Russia "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia). Thanks to her efforts, we were able to overcome the language barriers and to successfully organize this event.
OOO NPO Fabrika 

S.N. Rybkin
General director
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