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Our company specializes in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, including whisper interpreting at events of various levels, including all types of business events, as well as business and work trips:

  • Interpreting during the installation, assembly and disassembly of technical equipment, as well as technical commissioning and other building and installation art of work;
  • Interpreting at negotiations, press conferences, meetings and consultations;
  • Interpreting at seminars, workshops and other training events;
  • Interpreting at conferences, exhibitions, forums and symposiums;
  • Interpreting at weddings, banquets and other festive events;
  • Interpreting of court sessions, interrogations and other investigative actions;
  • Interpreting at the notary, in the registry office, during the real estate visit;
  • Accompaniment of foreign delegations and organization of excursions;
  • Accompaniment during the visit of hospitals and other state authorities;
  • Sight interpreting of documents to immediately understand the general content of the document, unless complete translation is required;
  • Interpreting of telephone and Skype conversations etc.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with translators and interpreters from different countries, we can put for you together a whole team of highly qualified translators and interpreters in the language combinations German ↔ Russian, English ↔ Russian, German ↔ English.

If an event is to be interpreted only for a few people, we can offer you another type of simultaneous interpreting, namely whisper interpreting, which is carried out synchronously and without any special equipment in a low voice directly in the ear.

When determining the cost of interpreting, we consider a number of important factors:

  • Level and format of the event;
  • Required language combination;
  • Theme and specifics of the event;
  • Type of speech transmission at the event;
  • Venue and number of participants;
  • Number of specialists required.

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most complex types of interpreting, in which the translation and transmission of the spoken word is carried out simultaneously (synchronously) with the perception of the source language. When interpreting in one language, two interpreters often work in a separate, sound-proof booth, since simultaneous interpreting requires maximum concentration and interpreters have to alternate every 20 to 30 minutes.

Simultaneous interpreting can also be carried out using a tour guide system. In this case, the interpreter speaks in a microphone and is not in the booth, but in the same room with the listeners. They put on the headphones and can move freely while listening to the translation, for example during a factory tour.

Consecutive interpreting is carried out only after the speaker has paused and completed the speech in whole or in part. Thus, the speaker and the interpreter alternate, and the speech is usually divided into fragments of 2-3 minutes. An experienced interpreter needs less time than the speaker, as he only conveys the content of what is said instead of literally interpreting. However, compared to simultaneous interpreting, the duration of the event will be a bit longer.

Consecutive interpreting does not require special equipment, so most often it is carried out at relatively small events (up to 30 people). Although it is sufficient to employ only one interpreter, this type of interpretation also requires the speech of the orator to be kept in mind for a longer period of time, which should also be taken into account during the event.

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