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Our company offers you a wide range of translation services, including translation of websites and personal documents. For extensive or urgent translations, we are able to put together a whole team of highly qualified translators. At the same time, we maintain the complete confidentiality in respect of any information obtained, perform work efficiently and accurately within the specified time frame.

When determining the cost of translations, we consider a number of important factors:

  • Theme and specifics of the text;
  • Theme and specifics of the text;
  • Theme and specifics of the text;
  • Number of characters, incl. spaces (1800 characters = 1 page).

Our core competences are:

Technical translations
  • Translation of scientific and technical documentation;
  • Translation of manuals and operating instructions;
  • Translation of teaching materials and specialized literature;
  • Translation and localization of computer programs;
  • Translation of dissertations, lectures, abstracts and scientific papers;
  • Translation of drawings, specifications, schemes and much more.

Technical translations may be entrusted only to specialists with many years of experience or with technical education in the specific area. That is why we always carry out a multi-level quality control and evaluate the accuracy of the translation based on your terminology.

Legal translations
  • Translation of contracts and agreements;
  • Translation of statutes and other constituent documents;
  • Translation of licenses, certificates and powers of attorney;
  • Translation of documents for submission to registry offices, embassies, consulates;
  • Translation of laws, as well as other normative and legal acts;
  • Translation of notarial certificates, wills and apostilles;
  • Translation of court decisions, statements of claim, writs of execution, court records, letters from lawyers and much more.

Legal translations must be extremely accurate, adequate and reliable. They require a lot of experience and professional knowledge; the ambiguity and free interpretation of terms are unacceptable. Moreover, we treat all received information in strict confidence while maintaining professional neutrality.

Translations of personal documents
  • Translation of passports and IDs;
  • Translation of birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates;
  • Translation of employment certificates and employment record books;
  • Translation of diplomas, certificates, grade books and academic records;
  • Translation of driving licenses and permits;
  • Translation of registration certificates;
  • Translation of certificates confirming the change of name or surname;
  • Translation of pension certificates;
  • Translation of permissions for the child to travel abroad;
  • Translation of documents for the child adoption;
  • Translation of service record books and much more.

Our company has the proven technologies for translating personal documents, so that we carry out the work quickly and accurately within the deadlines you specify. If desired, the translation can be notarized for subsequent submission of documents to any authorities of the Russian Federation and foreign states.

Medical translations
  • Translation of medical records and discharge reports;
  • Translation of analyses, medical certificates and other personal medical documents;
  • Translation of annotations and instructions for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment;
  • Translation of research results, forensic reports and autopsies;
  • Translation of clinical trial protocols, certificates of compliance and much more.

Medical translations must be free of any inaccuracies, as this can lead to serious consequences. Specific sentence constructions, highly specialized terms and Latin names are of particular difficulty, that is why the translation of such texts is controlled by an expert with specialized education.

Financial and economic translations
  • Translation of financial and bank statements, as well as bank agreements;
  • Translation of tax returns of individuals and legal entities;
  • Translation of financial reports, business plans and business correspondence;
  • Translation of credit agreements, audit opinions and reports;
  • Translation of marketing researches and customs declarations;
  • Translation of thematic materials, scientific articles and much more.

Both financial and economic translations require not only professional knowledge of terminology in the native and foreign language, but to a greater extent, their quality depends on a deep understanding of the work with securities and how well the translator is oriented in the economic situation in different countries and in the world as a whole.

Literary translations
  • Translation of fiction and non-fiction literature;
  • Translation of advertising and PR-texts;
  • Translation of scripts and plays;
  • Translation of poems, songs and much more.

Literary translations are not in vain considered one of the most difficult types of translation. In this case, one cannot do without the writing talent, because the translator is involved in the creative process along with the writer. He must recreate the unique style of the writer in the target language, while preserving the profound meaning and imagery of each word and sentence.

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