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If you are looking for a professional interpreter or translator, then you are in the right place. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with translators and interpreters from different countries, we can put together for you a whole team of highly qualified translators and interpreters in the language combinations German ↔ Russian, English ↔ Russian, German ↔ English.

We are pleased to offer you professional translation services of any specialization and complexity, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at events of various levels: conferences, negotiations, exhibitions, technical commissioning and much more.

Among other services, we can offer you the training of translators and interpreters, proofreading, editing and text review by a native speaker, notarization of translations, preparation of portfolios and documents for the job search, as well as business consulting.

Intensive interpreting course, 2019
Johannes Gutenberg University, Germersheim/Germany
Certificate of assessment for foreign university qualification, 2018
Central office for foreign education, Bonn/Germany
Graduate translator and interpreter, diploma summa cum laude, 2018
Togliatti State University, Russia
Diploma under the program "Theory and methodology of foreign language teaching at an educational institution", 2018
Togliatti State University, Russia
Intensive business German course, 2017
University of Cologne, Cologne/Germany
Course of general technical training of translators, 2017
Information system "Unitech"
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