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Consulting and other services

In addition to various types of interpreting and translation services, our company specializes in the following services:


This includes the notarial certification of translations or copies of documents. We are also pleased to assist you in the handling of transactions with a notary.


Our company is ready to edit translations made by third-party organizations, or by our translators. For example, if some changes have been made to the original document that need to be considered in the previously prepared translation.


This service includes reviewing quotes, footnotes and links, eliminating typing, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, as well as stylistic inaccuracies made during the translation process.

Text review by a native speaker

Only native speakers can provide the necessary recommendations on one or another presentation form of texts for a foreign audience. They can also help to achieve the maximum stylistic accuracy of each sentence, or to adapt the text to specific conditions, which is particularly important for advertising texts, websites, etc.

Formatting and creating layouts

If there are pictures, diagrams, tables, photos and graphs in the text, it is necessary that the translation retains all the formatting and filling of the original document. This is especially important, when translating presentations, advertising brochures, technical documentations and when working with scanned documents.

Development of glossaries

Any specialized field has its own professional terms, that can greatly differ not only in different languages, but even in different companies. This is precisely why our company creates glossaries to maintain the correct terminology.

Business consulting

It should not be forgotten, that different tasks require different solutions, depending primarily on the type and goals of the project. These solutions should be relevant for the current phase of the project, aiming for the success of your business and bringing benefits to you. Our company would be glad to advise you on the following business issues:

  • Organizing and conducting business in the CIS and Europe;
  • Project management and project support;
  • Organization of approval procedures;
  • Purchase of real estate abroad;
  • Acquisition or foundation of a company;
  • Recruitment principles in Germany;
  • Business trips to the EU and CIS;
  • Medical care abroad;
  • Legal support and much more.

All consultations are carried out remotely via a video communication system or at a personal meeting (on request).

When conducting business, as well as establishing and strengthening business relations abroad, special attention should be paid to the cultural differences between Western and Eastern Europe. The path to success in this case lies in the search for compromises, based on an understanding of the culture and mentality of your future partner.

Job search in Germany

If you have long dreamed of finding a job in Germany, then you are in good hands! We will help you not only to collect and translate all the necessary documents, but also to bring them in line with the requirements of the German labor market.

To convince a potential employer, your supporting documents should literally be "born" in German. Because the correct structure and format of documents is no less important than their content.

We will also support you comprehensively in the recognition of your professional qualifications and diplomas in Germany. And we are sure that you will soon reach your goal to find a job in Germany!

Training of translators and interpreters

Lifelong learning is as important for translators and interpreters as it is for hardly anyone else. Continuous practice and the search for new opportunities for further education allow translators and interpreters to compete in the labor market and provide high quality services.

Contribute to your professional future and start one of our trainings right now!

CAT programs help to automate the translation process, maintain glossaries and manage terminologies. This can significantly improve the quality of the work and enables it to meet special customer requirements. These programs are constantly being improved and changed, but with us you will always be up to date. Our company is ready to advise you on working with the following CAT tools:

  • Trados Studio;
  • Wordfast;
  • Memsource;
  • MemoQ;
  • SmartCAT and much more.

In addition, we offer intensive courses for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, the development of personal note-taking techniques and the expansion of vocabulary. We will also give you some tips on how to practice any kind of interpreting in your free time and even at home!

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