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Audiovisual translations

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of translation and localization services of audiovisual materials. With our extensive experience in this field and high quality technical equipment, we are able to undertake complex projects, including the translation of entire online courses, computer games, as well as series of television programs and broadcasts.

When determining the cost of audiovisual translations, we consider a number of important factors:

  • Theme and specifics;
  • Required language combination;
  • Completion date;
  • Volume of audiovisual materials;
  • Number of specialists required.

The high demand for audiovisual translations is quite understandable, as we live in an age of rapid development of information and multimedia technologies, which leaves its mark on the entire field of translation activity. Therefore, we offer you the following services:


There are external (a separate text file with specified start and end times of the phrases, as well as other additional information) and embedded (superimposed on the original video track) subtitles. Competent subtitling requires from the translator above all precision and creativity, since the length of words and sentences in different languages does not match. For this reason, it is often necessary to adapt the text to the required length.

Localization of online and video courses

Nowadays e-learning is more popular than ever. There are many platforms for distance learning, both general and highly specialized. That's why the translator needs in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the relevant field. We guarantee a deep understanding of the topic and a high-quality, fully localized product for each target group.

Transcription (decoding)

Transcription or decoding is the conversion of information from audio into text format. As a result you receive a document with the complete textual content of seminars, negotiations, lectures, interviews, etc. Here we also carry out a multi-level quality control and evaluate the accuracy of the transcription according to your wishes.

Thanks to our long-term work with clients from different countries, we can put together for you a whole team of highly qualified translators of audiovisual materials in such language combinations as German ↔ Russian, English ↔ Russian, German ↔ English.

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